Barkwood Studios

Washington D.C.'s latest premier all-digital studio, Art Harrison Proprietor.
Barkwood is a six-room suite of studios for all your production requirements.

About Us

We are Maryland's newest falility offering a great place for all your recrding requirements.
With a spacious at-home envirnment, low-pressure and conducive to creative instincts. 
The owner, Art Harrison is on-site to offer vocal elements to your compositions, including
American Song Book libretto ranging from Broadway to '20s-'50s popular, as well and the
avant-garde. Also expert in ghost voicing for motion-picture soundtracks, Art will be happy
to provide narrations for your documentaries and podcasts.

Our consortium of engineers has over 120 combined years of expertise in radio, performance,
and recording. Mike Winters, one of our consultants, is a virtuoso guitarist, and will be happy
to track in any genre. We also have talented session drummers and keyboardists available at
reasonable rates.

Of course, theremin tracking is also available.

Our Equipment

Yamaha Drum Kit
Six Track Synthesizer
Korg Piano
Allen and Heath Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles
Wireless, Cord Free WIFI Technology for Voice and Instrumentation
JBL Monitor  and Yamaha loudspeakers for mixing and monitoring
Acoustically treated rooms for both performing and mixing
Harrison instruments theremins
A wide variety of legacy analog ossillators and squencers
Neumann U-87 Microphones